About Us

World of Ideas works as an incubator for high-potential ideas from our founder Timo Masson, and aims at propelling those to the top of their respective markets. In our world, ideas are limitless and possibilities are endless.

World of Ideas is active in several markets and produces:

The incubator is always running. Much more is yet to come.

Our Values


Whatever the type of product, service, or content, creativity is at the heart of our production process. The world is full of ideas, and where there is potential, there is a great idea worth being exploited.


We live in a world of possibilities and we have no intention at all of keeping ourselves in a single category, with only one condition in mind: Quality must always be there.


No matter which product, service, or content we’re working on, our goal remains to stay as original as possible. What’s the point of being like the others?


That’s what drives us every day. Our activities are many because our passions are many. Working without passion just leads to insipid results.

A Search for Meaning

We only work on activities, products, services, contents, and works that bring meaning to us and to some markets, either through the values they share, or through the impact they’ll have on their users.

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